Why advertising on Social Media is a good idea?

1. Advertisements are visible only to your targeted Market
By demographics, it is possible to analyse your target area and you can easily advertise your ad in any region. In professional circles, these ads are more business oriented and under casual social sites, these are much more relaxed.
2. Low Pay Per Click Cost
The majority of the market is with google, so less companies advertise on social sites. So, there is less competition and in turn low cost.
3. Promoted Posts
Facebook and other social sites provides an option of Promoted Posts, by which you can increase your numbers likes. This helps to get maximum visibility to your post and in turn high traffic.

The major platforms:
1. Facebook
2. Linkedin
3. Pinterest
4. Twitter

Digital Heptagon Advantage

We not just bring in the right campaign for your company, we also make sure the campaign is self-promoting. Further to that we harness the power of social media, making sure that the add reaches to the specific target, highly potential customers.

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Social media is not just social but business media as well.