Social Commerce plays a vital role in engaging both existing and new customers. There are many queries like what is the need of Social Media, Why it is important and Do we need to have a strategy for running our project on social sites? These questions do have answers. Now, as know everyone of us is using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + to interact with friends and carry on their business. The most important thing which comes here is Audience. Globally connected social media accounts helps to generate a large audience which can follow you which leads to more visits or conversions which will be highly beneficial to you.

Why our social commerce solutions?

Digital Heptagon is one such social media marketing partner that not only assures, but also delivers on the assurances. We have been working on social media marketing for a quite significant time and our social media campaigns have worked wonders for our clients. If you already have been struggling for getting your social media page in the client’s attention but with no avail, then you certainly need our social commerce solutions that will bring you only the desired results. Our strength lies in identifying your social commerce problems such as the factors that are hindering the progress of your social media page. We first begin by finding out all the factors that are not helping your social media page to reach its potential. This involves a careful scrutiny of your page and then correcting all the factors that are causing the problem.


When we talk about Social Media, how can we forget Facebook. Facebook is the most powerful tool by which you can fetch huge traffic. As, on Facebook there are more than 3 billion users, having a page on Facebook within any category will be helpful.. Read More..

Facebook Marketing Services

Google+ is a social networking and identity service that is owned and operated by Google Inc. Google+ provides some features whereby you can easily create your company’s business profile, share your posts and pictures. Google+ offers +1 button by which you can +1 any post or picture that increases it’s popularity.

Google+ Marketing Services

How visitors can understand your website easily and quickly? The one way is by Graphics and the other way is by videos. Videos and Graphics helps to convey message easily to large masses clearly and effectively. But, there are some points which have to be kept in mind while promoting a video.. Read More..

Youtube Marketing

Twitter is nice way by which you can interact and stay connected with all customers who are interested in your business. If you do not have a Twitter account, we can create one for you. By the help of Twitter, you can gain as much exposure as possible in terms of audience and inturn have increased visits.. Read More..

Twitter Marketing

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other Pin boards for images, “re-pin” images to their own Pinboards, or “like” photos… Read More..

Pinterest Marketing

LinkedIn is a social platform where professionals go to connect and network, providing new opportunities for new customers and generating revenue for companies…. Read More..

LinkedIn Marketing